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Which is better, PE hot-melt pipe fittings and PE electric-melted pipe fittings

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The production method of PE hot-melt pipe fittings is one-time injection molding by an injection molding machine. The main raw material is high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The connection method: hot-melt butt joint and hot-melt socket. Tools needed for hot melt butt: hot melt butt machine.

PE electrofusion pipe fittings are plastic (polyethylene) pipe fittings that can be melted to reach the connection by the temperature generated by the current. Due to the price, the amount of PE hot-melt pipe fittings in engineering applications is more than that of PE electro-fusion pipe fittings, but electro-fusion pipe fittings play an important and irreplaceable role in engineering and maintenance, especially when the electro-fusion pipe fittings are affected by the external environment during construction. And the influence of human factors is less, so the reliability is better, and it is more popular with users. Especially in the gas pipe engineering, more and more electric fusion pipe fittings are being used.

The advantages of PE electrofusion pipe fittings are mainly embodied as follows: (1) Corrosion resistance: long service life; (2) No leakage at the joint: use electrofusion pipe fittings to connect, essentially ensuring that the interface material and structure of the PE piping system are the same as the pipe body itself It realizes the integration of joints and pipes; (3) It can effectively resist underground movement and end load: After the PE piping system is connected by welding, the joints based on this method are resistant to end loads and will not leak joints.

At the same time, the stress relaxation characteristics of PE can effectively dissipate stress through deformation. Therefore, in most cases, expensive anchoring is not required at joints and bends. In addition, based on its high toughness, the elongation at break generally exceeds 500%, and the PE piping system has a very strong adaptability to the uneven settlement of the pipe foundation.

The choice between PE electric fusion pipe fittings and hot-melt PE pipe fittings is actually dependent on the wishes of the customer. The effect of the two is the same. The price of electric fusion pipe fittings is high, but the construction is convenient, and it is less affected by the external environment, and the construction is more convenient; The price of pipe fittings is low, but it is often affected by the external construction environment. Under harsh construction conditions, the construction progress is slow. If it is convenient and in a timely manner, the editor recommends that you still use PE electric fusion pipe fittings.