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Welder machine types

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HDPE pipe butt fusion machine


The HDPE pipe butt fusion machine can be provided in various models, which can be divided into: manual type & hydraulic type.

Manual type is regular for small diameter pipe d50-dn160mm, dn50-dn200mm & dn90-250mm, which is a option of light-weight & cheaper prices.

Hydraulic type: hydraulic type welding machine uses hydraulic pressure to control the HDPE pipe’s movements while welding, providing a certain & stable pressure while welding, which can max. ensure the welding results.

The hydraulic type HDPE pipe butt fusion machine can be produced for all diameters , which are: 63-160mm, 63-200mm, 90-250mm, 160-315mm, 160-355mm, 280-450mm, 280-500mm, 450-630mm, 630-800mm, 710-1000mm, 800-1200mm.

HDPE pipe electrofusion machine.
Electrofusion machine is newly designed for the connection of our HDPE electrofusion fittings. The HDPE pipe electrofusion welding machines can be offered in four models: SPE315 model is available to weld the diameter dn20-315mm, SPE400 model for the diameter dn20-400mm, SPE500 model for the diameter dn20-500mm while SPE630 model is for dn20-630mm.