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Socket fusion connection method for HDPE pipe

Time : 2021-09-27 Hits : 20

Mainly used for the dn110 and below pipes.

Tools: socket fusion welder, cloth.


1. First select the mold according to the specifications of the pipe to be welded, and install the mold on the hot plate.

2. Adjust the temperature controller to the given parameter 220°C (±10°C) and turn on the power supply (220V).

3. Cut the pipe along the vertical axis and make its end surface perpendicular to the axis.

4. Pipes and fittings should retain proper interference, and the excess parts should be removed with a scraper.

5. Chamfer the welded end, remove the debris, restore the deformed welded end with a rounder, and mark the high level of melting (see the attached table for the high level of melting. When welding, you should pay attention to inserting the high level not too deep, so as not to cause Blockage in the pipeline).

6. Wipe the outer surface of the pipe welding area and the inner surface of the pipe fittings with clean paper or cloth to remove dust, moisture, grease and other impurities.

7. Insert the welded end of the pipe and the pipe fitting into the mold heated to the set temperature at the same time, then quickly pull it out, and insert the welded end of the pipe into the pipe fitting until the high-level marking is inserted on the pipe for a short time. Inside, the axial direction allows adjustment within 15 degrees.

8. Keep the welding state until the cooling time.