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Butt fusion connection methods for HDPE pipes

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Butt welding connection is suitable for all pipe fittings with diameter from φ32-315mm, or larger pipe fittings. The performance characteristics of this connection method are: rigid connection, non-disassembly and assembly, and tensile strength.

Butt-welding connection is the simplest method of connecting pipe fittings. It provides many convenient and advantageous preconditions for the prefabricated installation of the entire system, and no other components are needed. Therefore, the butt welding connection can be used regardless of whether the prefabricated installation is on-site or in the workshop.
The welding section of the butt welding is very small, the welding edge will not interfere with the pipeline, and there is no change in the internal section of the pipeline. The allowable thickness of the welding surface is almost the same as that of the pipe wall, so the pipe is not wasted. Through the butt welding connection method, the length of the pipe and the joint of the elbow can be fully utilized.

When the pipe diameter is less than φ75mm, the manual welding method can be used; the electric welder is used for welding, and the pipe diameter is generally φ40-315mm.


HDPE pipe hot melt butt connection:
1.First, put the two PE pipes to be installed and connected on the fuser clamp at the same time (the clamp can be replaced according to the pipe diameter to be installed), and the other end of each pipe is supported by a pipe bracket To the same level.
2.The second is to use an electric rotary knife to cut the end faces of the pipes smoothly to ensure that the contact surfaces of the two pipes are fully consistent.
3.Third, the electric heating plate is heated to 210°C, placed in the middle of the end faces of the two pipes, and the electro-hydraulic device is operated so that both ends are in contact with the electric heating plate at the same time for heating.
4.Finally, after the heating reaches the requirements, the heating plate is removed, and the hydraulic device is operated again, so that the ends of the two molten pipes are fully connected and the hydraulic device is locked, so as to prevent rebound.

In addition, the pipe curling thickness and butt joint time must strictly meet the material process requirements during heating. Generally, the technical parameters and specifications provided by the manufacturer can also be referred to.